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BUSINESS VALUATION for $1,000 or less
Bon Accord Business Valuation And Appraisal



Have a defense with a list of reasons to support asking price.

Understand what you are buying and why the price is fair or not.

Understand where the value is in your business so you can focus your growth on areas that are increasing in value.

You and your lawyer may want an inexpensive insight to help you negotiate.

How much insurance do you really need?

Produce a list of reasons to support a position.

Present a clear picture to your lender of the assets your company owns; you may need clear identification of intellectual property and list of supporting reasons. You need to prove that hard assets represent only part of your value.

People assume a buyer will be able to understand what they are selling and how profitable your business is, based upon balance sheets and profit and loss statements. THEY DON’T. Most people do not understand financial documents. They may think from looking at your statements that you are not making much money. Financial documents and tax returns are (or should be) prepared to show your business making the least amount of money possible; thereby enabling you to pay the least amount of tax possible. NOT EXACTLY THE SORT OF THING THAT WILL IMPRESS A BUYER WHO DOES NOT UNDERSTAND.

This is why MOST PEOPLE need a common sense VALUATION. We take the information from your financials and find the TRUE NORMALIZED NET INCOME OF YOUR BUSINESS to show a prospective buyer what is really happening in your business when the tax considerations are taken away.

All of this is done in a way that ordinary people can understand; ordinary people like the buyer, the buyer’s spouse, a financial backer or a banker.

Recent Value Reports include a Cheese Factory in Canada, 2 Bagel Stores in New York near Manhattan and an Excavating Business in the Canadian oilfields.

Eric Jordan, President of Pin Services Ltd.

Bon Accord Business Valuation and Appraisal – PIN
Bon Accord, AB Canada

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Examples of How Our Service Works...

(1) I spoke recently to the owner/former owner of a focused Bearing and Hydraulics Supply Store. He was able to use our value statement to help him explain what he had for sale. Using the PIN Value Statement he was able to sell the business to his employees as it made common sense to them. The paperwork for the sale is done and the sale is in progress. Owner feels his employees would not have understood an official Appraisal or Valuation that he estimates would have cost 10 times more than my Value Statement. My client, the business owner, stated to me that his accountant was impressed with the work I did. (my client has given me permission to give his name, phone number and business name to qualified people)

(2) I had a Certified General Accountant (CGA), from London, Ontario, who owned a business. He felt he knew what his business was worth, but wanted verification. He wanted to know how an outside buyer would view things. We plugged his numbers, estimates, and conclusions into my formula and came up with $418,500. My formula and my reasons were completely different from how he came to his estimated $400,000 Value. This took about an hour on the phone and another 2 hours work for me afterward – all of which I emailed to him. The accountant now had logical reasons, with his real numbers, to support his asking price. This was presented in a manner common people could understand. (client name available upon qualified request)

Client Examples...

1)  Eric, My accountant was impressed with your formula. They made the necessary changes, and I used this information to sell my business to my employees.  I could not have done this without your Value Statement. Thanks. (Name available on qualified request.)

2)  An Electrical Contractor recently purchased a Value Statement - They intend to sell over the next couple of years and wanted to get an idea of value. We provided a Value Statement the contractor was very pleased to have. They felt our service was very good value for the money, useful, accurate, and caused them to think differently about how to sell their business. (I have permission to release their name to qualified party)

3)  Ted and Leslie Smith, who own Viking Lodge listed on, had a Value Statement done. After reviewing the numbers, we received a glowing report from both Leslie and her accountant. Leslie stated that she sent the Value Statement, including working papers, out to a prospective buyer. The prospective buyer told Leslie they were pleased to have something both clear to read and easy to understand. This comment was echoed by Leslie's accountant; as Leslie said, "most people can not read Financial Statements and the Value Statement makes it clear and easy for average people to understand.

4)  We recently had a client looking to expand their company in the flax industry. They needed $23 million dollars; you can see the results of that work here.

Eric Jordan, the founder of PIN will ask the business owner a series of proprietary questions. The best estimates provided will be used to create a detailed analysis for you to share with your accountant.

Eric Jordan, President Pin Services Ltd.
Toll Free: 1 800 606-0310


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Bon Accord Business Valuation And Appraisal . info
Appraisal, business valuation, business evaluation, Bon Accord AB. Tax issues, divorce or business for sale - Lawyer - Accountant